Te Waka Unua School


Students in Year 5 - 8 use Chromebooks to enhance their learning. 

All students in Year 5 to Year 8 have a Chromebook to use, which enables them to access their team's digital Learning components.

We believe our students need to be competent, confident and actively involved, lifelong learners in today's digital world. These devices are support mechanisms for our child-centred learning programmes. We support our students to be competent, innovative, self-directed learners where questions and discussion are ultimately student-generated, and their devices are the tools to support the learning.

 We encourage students to purchase their own Chromebook,  which  enables them to take their device home and continue their learning outside the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Students in Years 1 - 4 use iPads to enhance their learning programmes.

Each Team has a pod of iPads which students can use to access  such things as Reading Eggs, Mathletics, and demonstrate their learning through apps such as 'Explain Everything', 'Chatterpix', 'Scratch Junior', 'Clips', 'Sketches School', etc.