Te Waka Unua School

Keep Your Child Safe

We encourage you to use Silvester Street as an alternative entrance.

Silvester Street is a quiet street which runs off Wildberry Street and the park entry next to the Woolston Park Bowling Club is a safe entry for students to use.

Keeping Safe! 

PLEASE, be a great role model for all our students by using the pedestrian crossings and teaching your child when it is safe to cross.

It is UNSAFE for your child to cross Ferry Road other than at the lights on the corner of Ferry Road and Hargood Street or at the designated pedestrian crossing outside school.

Even though your child may be with you, crossing  elsewhere, will give our other young people the impression that it is okay to cross Ferry Road at any point, which is incorrect.

There are 3-minute drop-off zones directly outside school on Hopkins Street. Please do not park in these zones and take your child into class; they are only for drop-off.

If you need to go into school, please park a little further down the road. Walking is great exercise and a healthy alternative.


Cycling to School

In line with the NZ  Police we recommend students do not ride bikes to school unless accompanied by a parent or guardian before Year 5 (approximately 9-10 years old).  Any student riding to school must have an appropriate helmet and parents must ensure their children are aware of safety issues.



 We ask that students bringing bikes or scooters to school have a lock to lock these to the stands provided in the bike/scooter area.