Te Waka Unua School




Please order uniforms directly through the above website.  If you are unable to order online orders can be made through the school office with cash only.
Our uniform supplier is Aly Maclean Apparel.  This is a local Christchurch supplier who provides competitively priced and high-quality uniform supplies.  Our uniform is compulsory.  We do not have specific Winter and Summer uniform items and any of the official uniform items can be worn in any combination at any time of the year. 
Price List:

Short Sleeve Polo               $29.00 (size 4yrs - 14yrs)          $30.00 (size S, M, L)

1/2 Zip Polar Fleece            $42.00 (size 4yrs - 14yrs)         $45.00 (size S, M, L)

Boys Shorts                         $29.50 (size 4yrs - 14yrs)         $32.50 (size S, M, L)

Girls Skort                            $29.50 (size 4yrs - 14yrs)         $32.50 (size S, M, L)

Unisex Sports Pant               $48.50 (size 6yrs - 14yrs)          $52.00 (size S, M, L)

Short Black Socks(3)            $21.00

Bucket Hat                            $16.50

The uniform is a compulsory uniform and it is an expectation that all students will attend in full Te Waka Unua School uniform.  The only non-logoed permitted additions to the uniform items above will be black thermal undergarments and black-footed tights.  

Shoes - Students need to wear sensible shoes that are suitable for sports lessons. Shoes must be predominantly in the school colours (black, white or purple).

A limited number of second-hand uniforms are available. Please inquire at the school office.